Financial Professional Volunteer Opportunities

The Rhode Island Black Business Association (RIBBA) is a non-profit organization dedicated to advancing the business opportunities and vitality of Black-owned and minority businesses in Rhode Island through access to capital, contracting, business development resources, entrepreneur training, business advocacy, meaningful investor services, and workforce development. 

CPAs and finance professionals have the ability and opportunity to make a difference in their communities. Many provide pro bono accounting services, consult on accounting and auditing matters, provide accounting or income tax assistance, or help in audit preparations. These volunteers come from all sectors of the accounting profession, including public accounting firms, private industry, government, and educational institutions. 

RIBBA is currently seeking financial service volunteers to assist in the following areas: 

Direct Accounting Assistance 

  • Tax preparation 
  • Preparation for the annual audit 
  • Reduced-rate auditing 
  • Designing and implementing accounting and control systems 
  • Consulting or Advisory Services 

Tax matters 

  • Financial management 
  • Budgets and forecasts 
  • Computer software selection 
  • Loan or grant applications 
  • Responsibilities in reporting to government agencies 
  • Business start-up consulting 

Community Service 

  • Providing free or low-cost seminars and workshops on accounting and finance. 
  • Serving on board of directors. 
  • Assisting in reconstructing records  
  • Speaking to young adults  
  • Giving lectures to minority business on basic accounting concepts, such as taxes, financial planning and personal cash management. 
  • Mentoring for women or minority small business owners. 
  • Offering bilingual assistance to small, minority-owned businesses. 
  • Mentoring accounting students.