What is the LEAP Mentor Program by RIBBA?

The LEAP (Leadership Equity Accelerated Pathway) Mentor Program’s MISSION is to train and support individuals through their academic and early careers by providing well-informed programs and services that strengthen their skills and support the many complex challenges they face.

The program will take place over the course of 5 months, starting in November 2022 through April 2023. Pairs will meet for at least 1.5 hours per month and take part in mentor program meet-ups, educational workshops, and have access to career & business coaching.

Mentors will be matched with college through early career aged mentees. Mentor and Mentee pairs will work together solving attainable goals, resolving challenges and removing barriers with the support of RIBBA.

The application deadline is November 3rd , 2022 by 5 pm. All follow-up interviews must be scheduled by November 4th at 5 pm. For more information or questions, please contact Amanda Roman | amanda@ri-bba.org.


For questions or to schedule an info-session at your organization, contact us.

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We are now accepting mentor and mentee applications! The deadline is November 3rd at 5 pm. All interviews must be scheduled and completed by November 4th at 5 pm.

The next LEAP Mentor Program will begin in November 2022 through April 2023. To participate, apply using the appropriate application below.

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