The 2024 Scholarship application period has ended.

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RIBBA, in partnership with our charitable arm that focuses on empowerment and training related activities – the Institute of Economic Empowerment & Development (IEED), are now accepting applications for our 2024 Scholarship. Scholarship award amounts vary from $500-$1000 for each student. To date, RIBBA has given out $55,000 in scholarships to students entering college or university.

The Scholarship Program is just one component of the Leadership Equity Accelerated Pathway (LEAP) Mentorship & Training Program, launched in 2020 by RIBBA’s charitable arm – IEED. Other activities and opportunities within the initiative include, a mentor program, executive coaching, financial literacy training, and skills development. The initiative’s wrap around programs and services were developed with RIBBA’s Community Advisory Board of Young Adults and will support scholarship recipients on their academic and career journey.