5 Ways to Support Black Owned Businesses

Many of us have heard the phrases, “money is power” and “there’s power in numbers”, in many contexts and in many seasons of our lives. While there’s truth to both adages, I would take it a step further and say there’s power in the how and what in terms of spending money and there’s also power in the number of people that patronize, support, and advocate for a business. With that said, it makes a big difference where people choose to use their resources, whether it be time or money. Specifically, if you are concerned with advancing economic opportunity and equity, then it is imperative to consider the impact of individual and collective choices as it relates to spending. More specifically, if you truly want to advance and amplify the platforms of Black, Indigenous, and other people of color, it needs to be an ongoing, intentional, and open-minded effort. One important and effective way to do this is to promote and support Black owned businesses. From day to day needs to long term material investments, to services and leisure resources, there are many opportunities to rethink the way you spend your money and time. I’m pleased to offer a few ways to get started. 

  1. Invest time, money, and talent into organizations that are focused on advancing the work and platforms of Black people and specifically Black business owners 
  2. Buy Black 
  3. Amplify Black Businesses
  4. Share resources and opportunities to help grow and advance the Black owned businesses that you know 
  5. Help educate those in your sphere of influence 


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About the author: Stephanie Mireku is RIBBA’s volunteer Content Writer and works with businesses, volunteers, and community members to highlight their and RIBBA’s work. Her passion for writing of all kinds, and background in English and Business Administration fueled her interest in combining these areas through the Content Writer role. Stephanie first became involved with RIBBA through the LEAP Mentoring program as a mentee in the 2021 cohort. She is enthusiastic about relationship building, mission centric creativity, social impact, and philanthropy, and puts this into action through various outlets including her work as an Assistant Director of Alumni Relations at Providence College.