Emerging Leader Highlight: Edinalia Lopes

Edinalia Lopes is a Financial Analyst at IGT and a participant in the inaugural Emerging Leaders Development Program provided by RIBBA.  1. What has being a part of the Emerging Leaders Program meant to you? Being part of the Leadership program means many different things for me.  It gives me a chance to network with […]

RIBBA announces the creation of a forgivable Micro-Loan Program totaling $450,000 for distribution to minority-owned businesses in the Ocean State

Seeing a higher-than-normal need for services due to the pandemic, and their existing clients struggling to keep their doors open, this is a much-needed financial relief for the Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) businesses community. The RIBBA Forgivable Micro-Loan program is made possible with funding from the Papitto Opportunity Connection (POC) Foundation. Arnell Milhouse, a POC Foundation […]

Passion on Purpose: A Perspective on the Kickoff to the RIBBA Emerging Leaders Development Program

Achiever. Responsibility. Relator. Futuristic. Learner.  These are not randomly selected descriptors—there is purpose, power, and possibility in each of them. There is also purpose, power, and possibility in each of the people that represent these strengths. These 5 descriptors are the most highly represented strengths according to the Gallup Clifton Strengths assessment for the inaugural […]

Orange Live Entertainment, Forgivable Micro-Loan Recipient

Orange Live Entertainment is a Multi-media Platform that offers videography, animation, writing, advisement, hosting and more. The owner of Orange Live Entertainment is Damont Combs, who started out in Jamaica Queens, New York where he began being involved with poetry and other artistic activities. When moving to Rhode Island, he had to adjust to living […]

RIBBA offers forgivable microloan program for BIPOC-owned businesses

PROVIDENCE – A new, forgivable loan program will provide a combined $450,000 in microloans to Black, Indigenous and people of color-owned small businesses in the state, the Rhode Island Black Business Association announced Thursday. Read full article online