Board of Directors Members

The Rhode Island Black Business Association (RIBBA) is a non-profit organization dedicated to advancing business opportunities and the vitality of Black-owned and minority businesses in Rhode Island through access to capital, contracting, business development resources, entrepreneur training, business advocacy, meaningful investor services, and workforce development.

Our vision is to create a more equitable and sustainable business environment in Rhode Island. Our purpose is to leverage the region’s core assets to find solutions in the areas that matter most to the business and community: quality jobs, quality growth, and quality of life for all.

RIBBA provides a forum for businesses to engage within local and national economies and is continuously developing and offering programs to provide business development, advocacy, and quality professional development resources. 

The information below outlines the Board of Directors’ role and key requirements. It is important to note that as a potential RIBBA Board Member, you must agree to all requirements in order to be voted to serve. RIBBA requests that Board Members actively participate per the requirements to remain in good standing with all voting privileges.

Key Requirements

Commitment to Organization’s Mission

The Board of Directors are responsible for ensuring RIBBA’s long-term financial stability and integrity. Directors set the strategic plan and ensure that the organization fulfills its mission by accomplishing high quality work. The Board of Directors recognize that in order to foster the organization’s continued vitality, sustainability and diversification of income sources, they must pledge to personally contribute needed resources and talents towards this end. 

Time Commitment

Approximately 3-5 hours per month for meetings, actively working as a board member and related activities.

Giving Policy

Board members are encouraged to participate in fundraising and development activities, which include an annual gift to RIBBA that is personally significant and meaningful through personal contributions; contributions from an employer, colleagues or family. This can also be done through ticket sales to Annual Awards Gala or other RIBBA events.


Absence from two consecutively scheduled meetings in one calendar year of the Board of Directors (Except for emergencies beyond the control of the Board Member) will constitute an automatic resignation from the Board of Directors.

Term of Services

Board members are expected to commit to the role for a minimum of one year and must be an active paid member. This is a renewable term for a total of two or three years.


Board Members will not receive any monetary or in-kind contributions in exchange for their services.


  • Support the Mission Statement
  • Abide by the By-Laws and Policies of the Association
  • Read and understand the financial statements and otherwise assist the Board in fulfilling its fiduciary responsibilities
  • Attend board meetings and actively participate in decision making
  • Serve as active advocates and ambassadors for the organization and fully engage 
  • Share your area of expertise with the board, staff and volunteer
  • Serve as active advocates and ambassadors for RIBBA and fully engage 
  • Promote the organization in ways appropriate to your profession and contacts
  • Maintain membership
  • Secure 5 new members during the calendar year
  • Obtain various means of support for the organization’s fundraisers; such as: sponsorships, advertisers, exhibitors, speakers, etc
  • Fulfill the duties of care, obedience and loyalty to RIBBA
  • Participate in short and long-range strategic planning activities
  • Ensure that RIBBA meets all legal and corporate requirements
  • Serve on at least one committee or task force per year
  • Work to develop new leadership and recommend potential Board Members to the nominating committee
  • Avoid any conflicts of interest or even the appearance of conflict of interest
  • Participate in RIBBA’s events

Benefits of Leadership Service

  • An opportunity to make a difference in the community and opportunity to identify needs, support and achieve organization goals
  • To gain or enhance the experience in building and working with teams
  • To increase knowledge of RIBBA’s activities and resources
  • To promote and develop leadership in others
  • To help shape the organization’s direction and future

To learn more about the key competencies RIBBA is looking for in a Board of Director member, click here.