I hope this message finds you well. We come to you today with hope, determination, and a shared vision for a brighter future. Unfortunately, we received news that the grant we were hopeful for did not come through, leaving us at a critical juncture in our mission to complete the renovations of RIBBA’s Community Equity Hub.

This Hub is not just a physical space; it is a beacon of empowerment, a catalyst for change, and a symbol of resilience. Here is where we need your support and the strength of our collective community spirit.

In October 2022, RIBBA acquired the space located at 220 Smith Street, Providence, RI. This building acquisition was made possible by the approved Congressional Directed Spending request secured by Senator Sheldon Whitehouse and immense funding secured by the Rhode Island Foundation, and the City of Providence. We were also able to expand our programming with funding secured by the generous support of Senator Jack Reed, earmarked by the Small Business Administration.

The Equity Hub will play a pivotal role in generational wealth creation through initiatives such as small business development, workforce development, financial literacy, empowerment programs, first-time home buyer programs, life skills workshops for families, and enriching programs for our youth and young adults.

RIBBA's Community Equity Hub

Our goal is ambitious, yet the impact is immeasurable. We need to raise $500,000 to make this vision a reality. Regardless of size, every donation builds a foundation for the positive change our community deserves.

Donations can be made to the charity arm of RIBBA, our 501(c)(3) charitable organization, the Rhode Island Business Development Institute. Your generosity will directly fuel programs that empower individuals, uplift families, and shape a future where opportunities are accessible to all.

We would like to share the impact of RIBBA’s work through the story of our business client, Bacary Diatta, owner of Kassumay, LLC: