Diversity & Inclusion

RIBBA recognizes that full potential is realized when diversity and inclusion is the standard to strengthen and impact our community. The organization is a commitment to this charge is evidenced in our internal and external leadership in the work of diversity and inclusion.

RIBBA achieves this by:

  • Advocating for economic inclusion
  • Cultivating diversity leadership by providing resources and opportunities for historically underserved populations to connect, learn and grow
  • Facilitating minority business growth and development
  • Engaging in diverse community impact

Diversity Defined

The organization defines diversity as any respect in which people or groups may differ, including race, gender, ethnicity, national origin, age, ability, beliefs, sexual orientations and business size/type. Our initiatives are designed to impact economic development through diversity and inclusion target underrepresented populations in Rhode Island. Recognizing we are after optimal impact, some programs and initiatives are designed to target specific demographic groups. Those decisions are based on need, volume and the organization’s ability to make the biggest impact essential to create a thriving, vibrant community.
For further information, please call RIBBA president, Lisa Ranglin at 401-465-3669.