RIBBA provides technical assistance, strategic planning and links to resources to help small businesses grow and build sustainable wealth and create jobs to impact their communities

Help us learn about the state of your business and how we can help you with reopening. RIBBA is currently assisting local Black-Owned Businesses through a variety of ways. Contact us for more information.

RIBBA provides technical assistance and loan opportunities to businesses. For more information and to speak with a RIBBA representative, call 401-383-1179.

No matter the stage of business, our team of experts provide coaching to assist entrepreneurs grow to scale.

Seminars and Workshops designed for all business who want to be informed and empowered to get to the next level.

Customized training for businesses to equip them with the necessary skills to obtain growth.

The Small Business Council brings together small business members to discuss common issues and help identify how the Association can develop innovative and value-driven programs to meet their needs.

With Tips & Techniques, you have the chance to discuss with peers how to set the stage for business growth and explore measurable tools to use in the process. To participate, you must be a RIBBA member and the owner of a business. This is a membership value opportunity so there’s no cost to participate, but you must be willing to invest the time and a personal commitment.

Contact us to find out how we can help you grow and sustain your business.

Rhode Island Black Business Association
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